Kitty Kali taking her an afternoon snooze.

This is Ralphy. He showed up at the Lakeside with a chewed off ear. He's a very sweet boy. We welcomed him in, and he knows he's home.❤️

Miss JellyBean,❤️ relaxing on a rainy afternoon. 

Ethel Mae❤️ She's the oldest baby girl. She's 18. She's kind of set in her ways, and gets just alittle cranky now and then. Her Momma of many years passed away, so she now makes her home, and is very loved at the Lakeside.

This is Bruiser,❤️ he's 9 yrs old, been with me his whole life. He was found as a kitten, eyes not open yet, so he was a bottle baby, and he's just alittle bit spoiled. 😁

This is Carol,❤️ she's known as a rumpy.😺 She has no tail at all, and was born that way. She sports a fluff of hair back there.

Jasper came to the Lakeside with a broken jaw. His jaw had to be wired for 2 months, he was a real trooper the whole time, and he's doing great now.❤️

Sugar Baby Mae,❤️ her elderly human parent passed away, she resides happily now at the Lakeside.


Charlie was left needing a forever home, and that's exactly what he's got.❤️

This is Maggie Mae relaxing after having the running zoomies.❤️ She was found on the side of the road with a broken hip. With several weeks of recoop time  She has bounced back, and doing great. No problems at all.

Buster T. Cat.❤️ His previous family said he was too rambunctious for their household. It's all good with him. He fit right in and became a very loved member of the Lakeside Family.

Baby Dodge Van Samples.😺 He was left in the driver's seat of my van while I was in Dollar General. He had kind of a rough start, with being very hungry, he hadn't weaned yet, so he was a bottle baby, and had an injured front leg. He is full of mischief, and a very happy little guy now.❤️

Lakeside kitties at home.

Front yard at the Lakeside. We are in the woods, by the lake, and we love it!